Alignment Scissor Lift (5.5Tons)

Introducing our 5.5 Ton Alignment Scissor Lift – the ultimate solution for precise wheel alignment in your automotive repair shop or garage.

This heavy-duty hydraulic lift offers a stable and elevated platform for accessing the undercarriage of vehicles with ease. With its adjustable height, you can position the vehicle at the perfect working level, ensuring accurate alignment adjustments. The compact design saves valuable space in your workshop, while the open center provides unobstructed access to suspension and steering components. This versatile lift is not only ideal for wheel alignment but also for tire and brake inspections, suspension repairs, and more.

Additional information

Lifting Capacity

5500 kg

Rest Height

420 mm



Lifting Time

≤ 60 secs

Max Lifting Time

1980 mm

Secondary Lifting Height

435 mm

Main Platform Length

5200 mm

Sub Platform Length

1550-1850 mm

Sub Platform Width

670 mm

Main Platform Width

690 mm


880 mm


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