Fully Automatic Wheel Balancer

Introducing our Fully Automatic Wheel Balancer – the ultimate solution for precise and efficient wheel balancing. Say goodbye to vibrations and uneven tire wear with this advanced machine. Experience smooth and balanced rides.

  • Display: 17” LCD Monitor with 3D animation interface.
  • Leaser Pointer: Point Out the imbalance place with leaser automatic.
  • Automatic disc braking system: Automatic main shaft lock is activated to retain wheel in the imbalance place.
  • Automatic distance and wheel diameter measuring.

Additional information


JWB -5


Jema, Denmark

Working Noise


Electric Conection


Motor Power

0.20 ‐ 0.37kW

Rim Diameter

10 ‐ 24””

Rim Width

1.5 ‐ 20””

Wheel weight max


Balancing accuracy

+ / ‐ 1 gr.

Max tyre diameter


Wheel balancer weight


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