Mobile Type Air Operated Oil Pump set

Introducing Mobile pneumatic oil dispensing kit designed for use with 208-liter drums, equipped with a hose reel and a standard trolley. This kit includes the following components:

  1. Pneumatic double-acting 5:1 oil pump with bung adapter
  2. Heavy duty drum trolley with four wheels and a grate
  3. Open/Closed hose reel with 15-meter 1/2-inch R1 hose.
  4. Electronic flow meter designed for oil measurement with control gun, rubber protection guard, trigger guard, rigid outlet, automatic anti-drip nozzle, and a 1/2-inch BSP (M) inlet swivel
  5. Filter regulator with a manometer, condensation water separator, and lubricator which increases the reliability of the oil pump with necessary air hose.

This kit is intended for efficiently dispensing oil from drums and provides various accessories for a comprehensive solution.

Additional information


Fleximec Italy

Pneumatic Oil Pump Ratio


Air inlet connection


Oil out let Connection


Maximum Air pressure

8 bar

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