Wheel Alignment Machine- I-AlignerTM XD Master Edition

I-AlignerTM XD Master Edition


The i-AlignerTM patented positioning imaging system provides accurate, real-time measurements, further reducing installation and measurement time, improving efficiency. This proven technology, combined with easy-to-use software, allows operators to read data faster• The Pr042 wheel alignment program based on Windows 7 platform has more powerful functions, faster speed and good reliability.

Easy maintenance, and the equipment does not need to be calibrated regularly.

With over 20,000 vehicle models in the past 30 years, the database has the original factory data and information, enabling operators to quickly and accurately find the corresponding vehicle models.


The new XD high-definition camera measuring system and adjustable camera beam height of the column, easy to use and fast. The reliable XD targets and touch-less wheel clamps can be operated quickly and accurately without ring compensation and without horizontal benchmark plane.

Professional software includes intelligent automatic diagnosis function, 3D adjustment operation interface and chassis detection function, convenient for operators to analyze and adjust.


  • The new high-definition camera allows the size of the target to be reduced without affecting the accuracy of the wheel aligner.
  • AC400 non-contact wheel positioning & wheel fixture system does not touch the hub. | Jaws clamp wheels well. | It ensures the accuracy and repeatability of positioning. | Durable and lightweight magnesium alloy material. | New XD targets make the measurement more accurate.
  • Advanced car body dimensions.
    Car body size is measured by real-time dynamic tread, wheelbase, diagonal and axle deflection angle, diagnosing the problems of car body and chassis accurately.
  • Wheel diameter measurement.
    The wheel diameter and speed per kilometer can be measured, which is helpful to analyze tire pressure and wear, as well as the deviation caused by the wheel.

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